We are committed to recycling our off cuts and waste materials and to energy efficiency.

Braepac’s products are made of material that have a high recyclable value. And many of it’s products are made with materials that have a high post consumer recyclate content. By shredding, baling and storing it’s factory off cuts until a full load is ready for collection, Braepac optimises it’s recycling to minimise transportation.

Braepac has a range of vehicle sizes some of which have been built to order to most efficiently accommodate our products. Braepac’s policy is to load vehicle to capacity, this combined with always taking the most direct route to deliver our products and careful selection of vehicle size helps minimise the environmental impact of distributing our products.

Wherever possible, Braepac will pick up essential factory supplies for the return journey and is pleased to offer a ‘back load facility. This not only makes good environmental sense but is at the core of supplying a highly competitively priced product.